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Coastal protection is vital in providing defense against flooding and erosion that is caused by waves, tides, winds, currents and littoral drift. With global climatic changes such as the rising of the sea level, coastal defense is needed now more than ever before. Through working on various projects, Cristallo Pvt Ltd has acquired both the knowledge and experience of various techniques in this field, which includes construction of hard structures such as seawalls, breakwaters, and groynes to protect exposed harbors and island beaches.

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Coastal Services


Acting as the first line of defense against strong waves, the barrier known as “breakwater” is built in a body of water to break the force of waves and protect surrounding land. The techniques we use for this service is similar to the techniques we use for revetment.

Channel & Harbor Dredging

Our team of professional dredging planners and divers are well experience and are equipped with the ideal heavy vehicles, along with modern technology to make sure our clients are confident with our service of Channel & Habor Dredging.

Land Reclamation

The strength in our assets including the team members, allows us to handle complex projects such as land reclamation. This is the process of creating new land by filling with sand until the desired height is reached.


One of most practiced service at Cristallo is revetment placing. Revetments are sloping structures placed at the shore which is set to absorb the energy of incoming water. Mostly placed as defense against erosion, this is a service very significant for a country like Maldives.

Beach Reclamation

Beach nourishment describes a process by which sediment, usually sand, lost through longshore drift or erosion is replaced from other sources.

Sheet Piling

Sheet piles are sections of sheet materials with interlocking edges that are driven into the ground to provide earth retention and excavation support.


Groynes work by trapping the sand as it flows around the islands so its not washed out to sea. this is much more cost effective, convenient and environmentally-friendly than continuing to replace the sand washed away from the beaches with new sand.

Geo-tube Placing

In recent decades, geotextile tubes were used around the world to prevent coastal erosion, to encourage beach nourishment, and to assist mangrove rehabilitation. Applications of geotextile tubes in sandy beaches were mainly to prevent coastline from further erosion and to nourish the beach.

Commercial Services

Pole Placing

Another service that we provide at Cristallo Pvt Ltd is the placing of poles beneath structures such as water bungalows, water villas and other sea structures.

Seagrass Removal

Our team of professional commercial divers are well experienced at removing seagrass from the sand. This is done by cleaning the beach from top down, removing seagrass without scooping up the sand in the process.

Lagoon & Reef Cleaning

In the Maldives, we are privileged with white sandy beaches, splendid reefs and crystal clear waters. To make sure this stays the same, many concerned corporate parties have so far used our support to remove seaweed and grass from the sand, cleaning the beaches from top down.

Underwater Pipeline

Our divers are among the best in the business when it comes to setting up underwater pipelines. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, skills and equipment to carry out this service with utmost efficiency.

“The quality of their work meets our expectations and the Coastal protection project is completed on time. Amazing work by Team Cristallo.”
One & Only
One & OnlyReethi Rah
“Cristallo Private limited provided exceptional service in conducting both the projects. Whereby projects were completed accordingly with the given schedule.”
Emil Resort
Emil ResortMaldives
“I congratulate all you team members in Cristallo Private limited for the wonderful work your team has done by placing breakwater in the Spa area.”
Four Seasons Resorts
Four Seasons ResortsMaldives
“They have commenced their work from 17th November 2013 to 16th June 2015 finishing up their work before schedule and assuring the reliability and quality of their services.”
Residency Resort
Residency ResortMaldives
“Cristallo Private Limited provided excellent services in completing the projects. Their work meets our expectations in terms of quality and the project was completed on time.”
Baglioni Resort
Baglioni ResortMaldives
“The quality of their work meets our expectations and the project is completed on time. We are really happy with the customer service and support from the company. It’s a pleasure to recommend Cristallo Private limited in this regard.”
Aydeniz Group
Aydeniz GroupMaldives

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